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IP Telephony


Sirus Incorporated has extensive experience with the Telephony needs of our clients.  We offer consulting, needs analysis, design and implementation. We are proud to be an exclusive dealer of ShoreTel IP telephone systems.  Sirus Incorporated, with its Shoretel offerings, bring an award winning solution to meet our clients IP telephony needs.  Sirus Incorporated’s extensive networking and telephony experience coupled with our partnerership Shoretel  can ensure a superior solution for your IP Telephony needs.


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What and Why IP-Tel

What's the Difference:  VoIP vs. IP Telephony

VoIP is a generic term for using IP data networks like the public Internet to transmit voice traffic, thereby saving long distance and toll costs by bypassing traditional phone companies. IP telephony uses a private IP network - a company's IP data network - for voice calls, delivering the cost and scalability benefits of VoIP while avoiding the unreliability of the Internet.


IP Telephony's Business Benefits

IP telephony (IPT) offers a viable alternative to the legacy voice exchange, delivering improved application integration, scalability, and multi-site management. It is precisely these features that make this rapidly-maturing technology so attractive to organizations
seeking to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve customer relations.


Why go IP-Tel?
  • Reduced long-distance or Wide Area Network (WAN) telephony charges
  • Lower capital costs
  • Lower management and administrative costs
  • Reduced complexity
  • Improved integration of distributed business entities
  • Ease of combining voice applications with other business systems