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How to setup dialup for Windows 95/98?

Windows 98 Dial-Up Procedure:

1. Double click on My Computer, then double click on Dial-Up Networking......

2. Double click of Make New Connection

3. Enter Sirus as the name of the computer, then select your modem, then click Next

4. Enter the Holland access number (616-394-5858), or click here for a list of other numbers, then click Next

5. Click Finish

6. Right Click on the Sirus icon and go to Properties

7. Check and make sure your connection properties are correct.....

8. Click on Server Types tab, and UNCHECK Log on to network
and Make sure only TCP/IP is checked

9. Click on Scripting, then Multilink tabs and make sure they are blank


10. Then click OK, which takes you back to the Dial Up Networking folder.
11. Double Click on the Sirus icon and enter your User name and Password and hit Connect. You are Done!

Sirus Dialing Properties window:


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