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How to setup dialup for Windows XP?




Windows XP Dial-Up Procedure:

1. Click on Start menu, then go up to Settings, then click on Control Panel

2. In Control Panel, double click on Internet Options

3. Under the Connections tab, click on Setup.....

4. Click Next

5. Click Connect to the Internet, then click on Next

6. Click Set up my connection manually, then click Next

7. Click Connect using a dial-up modem, then click Next

8. Type in the name Sirus, then click Next

9. Enter the Holland access number (394-5858), or click here for a list of other numbers, then click Next

10. Type in your username and password (twice), then click Next

11. Make sure you check the Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop, then click Finish

12. In the Network Connections Window, double click on the Sirus Dial-up connection
13. Click Dial to connect.

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