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How to set-up a cable connection?



Cable Connection Setup



Before connecting and installing your cable modem please ensure your TCP/IP settings are correct.



Step 1:

Connect Coax cable to the Coax connector on the back of the Cable Modem. Screw connector on clockwise until tight but do not over tighten the connector as it may damage the connector or the cable modem.



Step 2:

Connect the AC Adapter to the Cable Modem by inserting the barrel-shaped connector in the mating power connector. Use only the AC power supply that came with the modem at time of installation. The Modem should be powered on at this point. There are 5 lights on the front of your Cable Modem. The first light “power” should be one while the second light “cable” should be blinking for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and then become solid.



Step 3:

Connect the Cable Modem to ether the RJ-45 or the USB terminal on the back of the cable modem. If using a NIC card or Ethernet connection the third light from the top on the front of the modem should be solid. If using a USB connection the light will not be on.

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